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The Federal Geological Office (German: Geologische Bundesanstalt) or GBA in Vienna is a subordinate agency of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research (Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung, BMWF) and is the central point for information and advice in the field of earth sciences for the Republic of Austria. The most important product of the GBA is a range of geological maps. These appear in various scales both as map series and as regional maps. They form the basis for responses to questions in many areas of business (waste disposal, water supply, transport routes, raw materials, …) and also for research. The GBA is located in the district of Landstraße in Vienna.

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Feature Renderer: Last Update 17.01.2014; version: 5.11 (ArcMap 10.1)

The program “map renderer” symbolizes all existing entries in the UniqueValueRenderer (individual value classification) of a given ArcMap Layer. Therefore the UniqueValueRenderer should contain (if desired?) all available values related to the legend table - with „AddAllValues“ added automatically. Legend entries can be excluded by manual preselection in the UniqueValueRenderer of the Layer.

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Legend Generator: Last Update 17.01.2014; version 5.13 (ArcMap 10.1)

The legend generator is an ArcMap program extension and installable tool into the ArcMap graphical user interface. It is written in C#.NET and ArcObjects and is freely usable as OpenGIS software (see license agreement). The functionality of the tool was designed particularly to the requirements of traditional „geological cartography“. Only from one legend table, which contains all symbol names, a legend can be created graphically in the page layout. ArcMap mxd's or layer files in all variations and versions are no longer necessary for the graphical representation of a geological map. A complete map can be copied thereby by an editor at the next in one Geodatabase file (mdb file).

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